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Somebody nobody kiss

November 2010



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Nov. 23rd, 2010

Somebody nobody kiss


Your Hetalia Neighbourhood by Erihia
Your name
Your age
Annoying NeighborChina
bad companyAmerica
Most handsome guyIceland
Most handsome galBelgium
ExS. Italy
Your loverAmerica
Protects you from the bullySweden
Rich playboy guyKorea
Police officerPoland
Old lady who lives in that scary housePoland
Old man who yells at the skySweden
Homeless personLatvia
Best Friend Forevar!!!HRE
In jailHungary
lives under your houseHong Kong
maniac who is in mental hospitalBelarus
wants to kill youDoitsu
Ice cream truck driverLithuania
wants to **** youGermania
Steals your newspaperKorea
Burglar who stole your spongeEgypt
Licks your shoesGrandpa Rome
Kicks your trashcan:N. Italy
eats the trashHolland
lives in a doghouse in your gardenHolland
thinks he/she lives with youEstonia
got kidnapped by aliens...Korea
and transformed intoruler of tha world!
Will I update this mini-quiz?Yeeeeeees...
Who am I really?S. Italy
Yes... become one with me!You: ...Baka.
Somebody nobody kiss

I love these

Hetalia Party --- At YOUR House! by Plaid Cat
Your Name:
This person showed up an hour early:
They:Wave happily and help you set up for the party.
This Person Didn't Even Come:
This person got drunk:
They:Jumped out the second story window and survived.
This person kept staring at you:
They were staring at you:Because they were spacing out.
This person flirted with you the whole time:
This person helped you clean up afterwards:
This person was the last to leave:
On the way out, they:Blushed and said that they enjoyed the party.
Somebody nobody kiss

Why am I always a lesbian in these?

Hetalia School Life by AbbeyLou
Home Room Teacher
Literacy Teacher
Math Teacher
Science Teacher
PE Teacher
Music Teacher
Art Teacher
Your Crush
Sex ED Teacher
Who becomes your lover
Your Grade
Somebody nobody kiss

hetalia 2

Hetalia Life by Oddology
Your Name
Favorite Colour
Your best friend isJapan
You have a crush onVietnam
You hateEstonia
You get bullied byDenmark
You're scared ofSealand
The person who has a crush on you isUkraine
The person who hates you isLiechenstein
You're scared ofRussia
You get a confession fromBulgaria
But you go out withUkraine
And you break this persons heartBelarus
You have a one night stand withVietnam
Which leads to a fist fight withItaly
Chances of you winning
Everyone graduates butSweden
You marryPrussia
This person starts arguing with youPrussia
You're helped out of the arguement byEstonia
And then have an affair withPrussia
You get caught byLithuania
The chances of them telling
Your spouse finds out, they feelRelieved
You get divorced, you move in withHong Kong
Chances of a one night stand
You then move in withNorway
WhoWatches you sleep
You start having feelings forMonaco
You get another confession fromBulgaria
You say no, they go out withSealand
You get ambushed byRussia
And then glomped byMonaco
You're drunk, and you kissUkraine
How much they liked it
You suddenly have a huge war againstItaly
Chances of you winning
You later remarryLithuania
How happy you two are
Death byBoredom
The only person to not go to your funeral isNew Zealand
The mastermind behind your death isRussia
The person who's the most devastated that you diedFrance
The person who's the happiest that you died isCanada
The person who goes to the funeral for food isPrussia
The person who gets all your stuff isNorway
Who'll you'll haunt from beyond the graveSwitzerland
Somebody nobody kiss


Hetalia Family Generator by Chizune_Miahara
Favorite Character
Your Papa:
Your Mama:
Your Little Sibling
Your Older Sibling
Your Best Friend
Your Lover
Your Cousin
Your Enemy
Your Hero
Your Future Spouse
Your Stalker

Mar. 3rd, 2009

Somebody nobody kiss

(no subject)

Band Name: Christmas Lights
Album Title: Labor does the Body

(Picture: Learning to Whistle by Aikko Aragon: Found here http://www.flickr.com/photos/aikko_in_flickr/3315250923/ )

List of dreams:
[X] See the Northern Lights
[X] Stay up all night
[X] Forget your worries and dance the night away
[ ] Get a story published
[ ] Write a book
[ ] Go to New York
[ ] Go on a road trip with friends
[ ] Get kissed in the rain under a red umbrella
[ ] Own a Golden Retriever
[ ] Make an abomination and call it Sea-Salt Ice cream
[X] Spend all day in a good book
[ ] Spend all day in bed wearing lingerie watching movies with your boyfriend
[ ] Be a giant nerd and go to a anime convention
[X] Watch a meteor shower
[X] Laugh so hard you cry
[X] Cry so hard you laugh
[X] Make your friends laugh so hard they cry
[ ] Ride a Vespa
[ ] Go to a Casino
[X] Party like it's 1999
[X] Wish on star
[ ] Meet Zach Braff
[ ] Go to Italy
[X] Watch a movie just to cry
[X] Laid in the grass and let the world move around you
[X] Watch the sunrise
[X] Listen to the birds sing at 4 in the morning
[X] Make someone's day brighter just by being yourself
[X] Watched the clouds
[ ] Get a tattoo

Sep. 7th, 2008

Somebody nobody kiss

can't sleep

I can't sleep and this popped into my head.


ShinRa filesCollapse )


And I wrote a drabble Haven't done that in a while


Paisley, GlenCollapse )